St. Andrew’s Malt Whisk(e)y Appreciation Group is a gathering of people who are interested in the wide variety of characteristics of Malt Whisk(e)y, from the aspects of learning about them and of experiencing them.

We meet occasionally to exchange our experiences and to sample each others’ offerings! Of course, we always take care to avoid over-indulgence and the possible consequences of this by a combination of moderating how much we drink and by having something to eat as we go. It can help, also, to add water before drinking (this can change the characteristics of the whisk(e)y as well as reducing the alcohol concentration).

We are not a “men only” organisation. In fact, although we started with all gentlemen, we now have lady members as well.

Being “based” on our Church (although not all members are actually members of St. Andrew’s but belong to other Churches in the area), if for no other reason, we can usually be seen at the St. Andrew’s Haggis Supper. Our other gatherings are by mutual agreement.

Each member brings to each gathering a bottle (or bottles) with at least enough whisk(e)y for each member to sample some (new members need not come thus prepared!) and each member is free to try as many or as few of these offerings as (s)he wishes – it is not considered necessary for everyone to sample all the available whiskies; nor is anyone expected to have a full tot of each of them.