Listening and Prayer Support

The Listening and Prayer Support is a group of mature volunteers who value spending time with those in our community who find themselves in need of someone to talk with.  They are available in the Sanctuary each Sunday following morning worship.

There are many situations in which it can be good to talk……


…when we find ourselves facing difficult circumstances, and would like someone to talk with who is outside our situation;


…when we find ourselves struggling with an illness, which means we can’t get out like we used to;


…when we find ourselves missing someone we have lost and would love to talk with someone about how we feel.


We all value our privacy and need to be sure that those we talk with will be sensitive to this and that we will always be treated with respect and courtesy. All members of the Listening and Prayer Grtoup understand the importance of confidentiality and you can be assured that any conversations will be treated courteously, with respect and discretion.

If you would like someone to visit you, the first step is easy.   Please contact the Parish Office and we will do what we can to support you.   Or if there is someone you are concerned about or who has not been in church for a while (or if you have a need and would like a visit), then again please contact the Parish Office. or 01789 293381 or email: